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Dual Lane 16' High Slide Mega 65' Obstacle Course
MEGA 1-2-3 Obstacle Course Challenge GAMES SLIDES BOUNCE COMBOS testimonial testimonial

( ATI ) Affordable Tents, Inc. offer our customers a wide variety of inflatables to choose from including bounce houses, bounce combos, slides, water slides, games, zorb balls, combat arena, obstacle courses and more. We are constantly upgrading and improving our inventory. See our TENT PACKAGE page for specially priced party packages and save! To reserve yours today CALL or fill out our CONTACT form.


Concerned your party will be a bust due to bad weather? Afraid it will be too hot, sunny, rainy, windy, getting cool? Reserve a tent / canopy for elegance and protection. Add tables, chairs & banquet table in a specially priced Party Package, and save… Maybe a dance floor, lighting, linens, side walls, Fun Food item popcorn, cotton candy, snow cone, hot dog cart…Portable Sanitation and more…


Each inflatable includes Pin Stakes, (1) Blower, (1) 100' Extension Cord. You must provide a separate 15-amp outlet for the blower within 100 feet. For water slides, you must supply a garden hose.

Fun inflatables for kids of all ages!

Bounce Combos

4 in 1 Excalibur Castle with Slide, (dry)


Information-button 00 4 in 1 Excalibur Castle-Slide Combo

5 in 1 Prince Castle with Slide, (dry)

18' X 15' X 17’

Information-button 00 5 in 1 Prince Castle-Slide Combo

Jump ‘N’ Slide Castle Combo, (dry)

18’ X 17’ X 18'

Jump N Slide Castle Combo, (dry) Information-button B3_Deluxe Gladiator Joust and Boxing Ring Combo

Joust / Boxing Ring / Bouncer Combo, (dry)

25' X 25' X 12’



(Wet and Dry)

Jump 'N' Splash Castle w/Slide & Landing, (wet)

18’ X 27’ X 18'

Mega Dual Lane Slide, (dry)

25' X 12' X 16'

S1.0 Dual Lane 16' High Slide (Dual Slide) 00 Jump N Splash Castle with Landing Information-button Information-button

33' X 10' X 18'

S2.1_Super-Splash Down 2 with Landing

Super Splash Down 2 Water Slide & Landing, (wet)


Dolphin and Wave Slide, (dry)

18" X 10' X 18'

32' X 19' X 20'

S3_20' Fire N Ice with Landing

Fire ‘N’ Ice Water Slide & Landing, (wet)

Dolphin and Wave Slide, (dry) Information-button Information-button


(9' Diameter)

w/Inflatable or Tent Package

Zorb Ball “Human Hamster Ball”

Information-button 01 Zorb Ball-PP

Combat Arena

3 on 3 Bazooka Ball Arena

Used by Navy Seals to train in life-like combat situations!

Color: (Red & Black)

36' X 14' X 11’

Information-button G1_01_Combat Arena (Isometric View)

Mega 1-2-3 Obstacle Course Challenge

Our Mega 1-2-3 Obstacle Course is designed for maximum safety and versatility.  You can mix & match the 3 sections to create a 65' long Mega 65’ Obstacle Course or combine modules 1 & 3 for a Challenging 45' Course.  You can also use modules 1 & 2 for an Exciting 40' Course.  The Dual Lane 16' High Slide Module, (dry) can also be rented separately.  Safety screen mesh is used extensively throughout all 3 modules making this unit the safest on the market.


Each module includes Pin Stakes, Blower, 100’ Extension Cord.  You must provide a separate 15-amp outlet for each blower within 100 feet.

Modules 1, 2, & 3:

MEGA 1-2-3 Obstacle Course Challenge

Modules 1-2 & 3 - 65' long

Mega 65' Obstacle Course





Information-button Information-button Information-button Information-button Fire ‘N’ Ice Water Slide and 5 in 1 Castle and Slide Combo

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Fire ‘N’ Ice Double Slide, (dry)

21' X 11' X 20'

Fire N Ice Double Slide (dry) Information-button

Modules 1 & 3 - 45' long

Modules 1 & 2 - 40' long

Module 1 – 25’ long

Challenging 45' Course

Exciting 40' Course

Dual Lane 16' High Slide